ELECTROTHERMAL FILM HEATING meets the needs of the human body for heating, foot warmth, cool head. Low temperature radiation heat transfer, no hot air flow, reduces dust and dry air, makes people feel
  1. Thermostat

  2. Power cord for thermostat

  3. Base layer (floor)

  4. Thermal Insulating layer

  5. Waterproof plug cable connection

  6. FengQing graphene floor heating

comfortable. In addition, the far infrared ray produced by electrothermal film heating has about a 9.5 micron flux in the majority, and the infrared ray of this wavelength is considered to be the most beneficial band for human and plant growth, and is also known as the “light of life,” so its health care effect is also obvious.
Graphene is a 'wonder material' developed in this century, and is made of graphite, an allotrope of carbon, the fourth most abundant element in the universe. Graphene is an exciting material that is getting a lot of attention - especially since it won the 2010 Nobel prize in physics. It is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick, formed in single sheets of atoms, in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, which makes it incredibly strong, stronger than steel and 100 times stronger than iron. It is the hardest and toughest material available at present time, very light and conductive. It can be compounded with other materials (including gases and metals) for various superior purposes. 

Graphene has closely-knit carbon atoms that can work like super-fine atomic nets, stopping other materials from getting through, so it works very well for carbon housing in climate conditions. It works very well in electronics - graphene hard drives store many times more data than other kinds of hard drives. Its flexibility and thinness is very good for cell phones and tablets. In biomedical applications, it's already being used for chips under the skin for various purposes. And it's being used in aircrafts, making them lighter and stronger.
The exterior wall has thermal insulation charateristics.
High air tightness
High performance thermal window
Window heat insulation
Minimizes heat loss due to hot water
Strong wind and earthquake
resistance. The arching structure can bear wind load in all directions and is safe and firm in strong wind areas. It can bear earthquake loads effectively.

Current Manufacturing Plant

The modules of this arched house are connected to each other by a concave-convex combination to form an elastic framework. After this kind of structure is applied, although each module is relatively thin, it can bear huge pressure on the whole. The strength of the structure does not lie in the strength of each module, but in the combination and support of each other. The structural adhesive is just an aid.

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